DatacenterBlade® (SBE-714D-R42/D28) is perfect for data center and HPC applications with performance & density optimized to achieve 672 processing cores and 4TB DDR2 memory per 42U standard rack. This powerful SuperBlade® features 100-240VAC, ultra high-efficiency (93%), N+1 redundant power supplies, along with industry-leading density, performance/watt and price/performance.



DatacenterBlade® Features:

  • High density - 14 DP blades in 7U enclosure; up to 672 processing cores in standard 42U rack
  • High performance - up to 0.27 GFlops/watt *
  • Energy efficiency - 93% efficiency power supplies and native DDR2 memory instead of FBD memory
  • High availability - N+1 redundant power supplies
  • Ease of Use - easy to set up with remote management tools
  • Flexibility - two or four 100-240VAC power supplies
  • High-performance storage - 3x SAS/SATA drives per server blade with RAID 0, 1, 5, 10

DatacenterBlade® Benefits:

  • Industry-leading performance/watt - best for data center applications
  • Ultra-high power efficiency - energy savings
  • High performance, high availability, high density
  • Industry-leading price/performance
*Peak performance and power efficiency figures based on internal testing results.