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cheero is a Japanese distinguished gadget maker and was founded in 2011, with the hopes of \"delivering good quality products at a reasonable price.\"

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Cheero Energy Plus 12000mAh

Light! Thin! Quick charging with an ultra large battery capacity.
You no longer need to worry about your smartphone or tablet running out of battery life.

  • Automatic shutdown if overcharging (voltage/current) occurs.
  • Automatic shutdown if over-discharging (voltage/current) occurs. 
  • Automatic shutdown if short-circuit occurs.
  • Automatic shutdown if the device is overheated.
  • Automatic shutdown if the device has finished recharging.



Four simultaneous charging, total 4A. Multiple units at the same time fast charge!

Up to four of the smartphone and tablet in one single, and charge the game console device! Home or office Tsukai is also ideal course travel and business trip. 4 addition to the convenience of the port, high-speed high output of total 4A charging support! Tablet is 2A or more are required, it is sufficient to be charged also by a plurality of the smartphone that 1A or more is required.


Cheero DANBOARD USB Cable with Micro USB & Lightning connector


Lost your phone cable? Why fret if you can have a better one. Avoid unnecessary cable fatigue and enjoy unique and cute deisgn, the Cheero USB Cable features a cable made from special fabric material which doesn\'t kink or tangle.

No need to lip and accidentally bend cables while charging. Just roll out the length you need and Cheero Danboard USB Cable with Micro USB and Lightning Connector 10cm, 25cm, 50cm, 100cm, 180cm does the charging. Simply connect the USB port to a power source. Danboard\'s eyes will flash in red, indicating powered running through the cable.