WINNER of $2000 Performance PC : X79 Extreme4

The incredible X79 platform is known for the astonishing OC capability. ASRock X79 Extreme4, the vanguard of the ASRock X79 mainboard revolution, is built with rock-solid components to construct the strongest rig. The board comes with plenty of overclocking goodies which include Digi Power, Premium Gold Caps, X-FAN, XFast 555 Technology and 3-Way SLI/CrossFireX. With the ultimate package, ASRock X79 Extreme4 can help users to rewrite the overclocking numbers more easily.


Best Buy award by - Russia for our Galaxy Made GTX680 SOC, GTX680 GC and GTX670 GC

We have fully removed the cooling system of GTX670 EX OC, and now can finally study the PCB well. Luckily, it is not different from the one used in GTX 680 EX OC. Nothing has changed. The power system has not been modified either and uses a 5+2 scheme. All elements including memory chips and identical to ??the GTX680 EX OC too. That is really great that the younger model uses the same PCB as the elder representative of the family. This shows the high level of the company. Talking about GTX 680 LTD OC with custom overclocking. Now we are curious if the GPU will allow further overclocking since the shown clock rate is high from the start. And the GPU manages our modifications well! The final stable clock rate is 1215 MHz or at minimum 1280 MHz with auto overclocking. To be honest, the clock rate rarely went below 1330 MHz during our tests. This is an excellent result, and now consider the fact that the video memory was overclocked from 6000 to 7200 MHz too!


Galaxy GTX660TI 2Gb GC won Golden Award by Egypt Hardware.

The Galaxy GTX660 Ti GC offers a great performance Vs price with all its awesome features the card can compete the high end SKU's like the GTX680/GTX670 and HD7970/HD7950, and with the fully customized PCB Galaxy designed this card with a good number of the VRM to deliver more power to do more OCing. Also the customized cooling solution on this card is a great point of difference than other brands and we can easily clean the card from dust and its a very good option here in Egypt because of the dusty weather and you can get more free performance of the card with more OCing with the elegant and flexible app coming with the card The awesome Xtreme Tuner the father and mother for the card so you can keep an eye on in 24/7 and with a one swipe you can OCing the card and get more voltage to more OCing


Galaxy GTX660TI 2Gb GC won Excellent Hardware Award by HardwareLUXX

Our clear winner but the KFA GeForce GTX 660 Ti EX OC. which is not only one of the quietest video cards that you can buy currently on the market, but remains on top even pleasantly cool - the cooling system provide best services. On top there is a good over clocking potential..."


Galaxy 660 2gb GC won Guru3D Recommended Award.

"we say: great cooling, no noise, great game performance for the money and heaps of features. Definitely recommended - play hard - game hard !"


Galaxy made GTX 660 2Gb won Original Design Award by IXBT.COM

If Zotac engineers tried to keep the proportions and dimensions of thee 660 Ti in the new product to produce a compact card, the KFA2 product is quite long. However, it is equipped with 6-phase power system, while Zotac's device has only 4. The KFA2 product is targeted at over clocker who need extra power reliability. While Zotac is a simple product for a common user, it is not designed to over clock. KFA2 GeForce GTX 660 Overclocked 2048 MB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI-E is a very good version of the new graphics card with excellent cooling system (and most importantly, a quiet one).


Galaxy 660TI GC 2Gb won GOLD AWARD by Overclockers Club - US

"The Galaxy GTX 660Ti out of the box is already a unique card - it's super lightweight and has a new shroud design that doesn't expand past the edge of the PCB making it perfect for SLI configurations.""It was nice to actually hear how quiet these fans actually are ""[Galaxy] Xtreme Tuner Plus will show to be a good friend for you indeed.""Overclocking the Galaxy GTX 660Ti was probably one of the easier overclock jobs I've had for a video card in a while. Galaxy made it super easy with the new Xtreme Tuner Plus, which is also being released with the GTX 660TI.""The Galaxy GTX 660Ti was consistently the most power efficient of the three GTX 660Ti cards."


Galaxy 660TI 2GB GC won Gold Award by PC Perspective (US)

"The GeForce GTX 660 Ti 2GB card from NVIDIA based on the GK104 Kepler chip continues the trend of dominating GPU releases from NVIDIA. ""Gamers that didn't want to spend $400 or $500 on a new graphics cards but fell in love with the performance and efficiency of the Kepler architecture will find a lot to like with the GeForce GTX 660 Ti and I imagine retailers will be shuffling through quite a few of them this week."


Galaxy Made GeForce GTX 680 GC won Editor's Choice Award by OC Club Russia

The graphics card proved to be very good and has great potential, while the only disadvantage we can mention here being its slightly "whistling" power system. Its unique cooling system fulfills the cooling tasks perfectly and only power elements require slightly more attention. High performance out of the box definitely attracts customers and makes the card a good purchase.


Galaxy made 680 SOC Limited White Edition 1202Mhz OC clock. Wins KitGuru Must Have Award

Kitguru says: "If you can afford it and take your system building seriously, then this is one of the most fantastic high end boards we have tested."Scored 9/10 awarded with Kit Guru Must Have Award - Jun 2012


Galaxy made 680 SOC Limited White Edition 1202Mhz OC clock. Wins Hexus Performance Award

Galaxy made limited edition white pcb 680 SOC has shown in previous GeForce 600-series cards that is has the ability to create a well-rounded package, and the GeForce GTX 680 SOC is an impressive addition to the company's range. Shipping with one of the highest clocks we've seen on a GeForce GTX 680, this is a card that offers enough performance to deliver a high-quality gaming experience across multiple displays." - Award Hexus Performance Award by Hexus - Jun 2012.


Galaxy made 680 GC 2Gb. Wins Extreme Performance Award @

Galaxy made 680 2gb GC are certainly unique in the way that things are done, and that can be said about the branding, as well as the products themselves, which we don't exactly see being sold here, there and everywhere. You also won't find a standard reference design card from them if they can help it, as they'd much rather show off their own talents, and do so in such a way that makes their brand and products stand out, by being aimed at a niche market of those wanting the best quality, with the best results, while not being afraid to spend a little extra to get those results with the purchase clearly being left with the individual, we will have to award this with our own thoughts and feelings in mind, as if we were in the market for a product much like this, we simply can't ignore the performance. When looking at it face value, it's the most powerful single GPU card we've had in our test labs, and has clearly shown that the GTX 680 is a force not to be reckoned with and with that in mind, we're happy to give out our Extreme Performance Award." JUN 2012