Cheero Power Plus 3 13400mAh DANBOARD version


Maximum capacity Danbo appearance!

Dumbo The battery history maximum capacity of 13400mAh cardboard is, appeared in the premium sense of plenty!
In addition to the conventional original color, premium feeling plenty of super car Red ,gold ingot, red nose cute snowman version now includes three colors.




product name

cheero Power Plus 3 13400mAh
DANBOARD version


Model number

CHE-067-BR, CHE-067-RE, CHE-067-GO, WHAT-067-WH


Affiliated products

Pouch, USB-Micro USB cable (black), manual / warranty (one year warranty)


Dimensions (body)

About 92 × 80 × 23 mm


Weight (body)

約 245g



3.6V 13400mAh


Number of times of use

About 500 times


Built-in battery    

 Made in Japan Panasonic-made lithium-ion


Output 5V / 3.4A (total) USB × 2 port (with Auto-IC function)  


5V / 2A MAX MicroUSB


Charging time

About 8 hours (2A USB adapter use)