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January 7, 2015
8Pack Wins GALAX GOC 2014 with ASRock Z97 OC Formula

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Jan. 7th, 2015 —GALAX announced the winners of its China GALAX GOC 2014 Finals in December 2014. Of all the 12 world\'s most respected and feared Oveclockers qualifying for the finals, World No.1 Overclocker 8 Pack outpaced the other contestants and won the GALAX GOC 2014 champion with the ASRock Z97 OC Formula.

UK Overclocker 8 Pack competing with the ASRock Z97 OC Formula.

ASRock Z9 OC Formula at GALAX GOC 2014 Finals

Of all 12 Overclockers competing in the GALAX GOC 2014 Finals, 6 contestants used ASRock OC Series motherboards. In the end 8Pack took max points in three of the four stages and came out champion.

8Pack from UK wins GALAX GOC 2014 Champion

The ASRock Z97 & X99 OC Formula has gain recognition and entered world class OC competitions around the world. In the ASRock 9 Series OC Competition, UK Overclocker 8 Pack set a 3DMark2001 SE World Record with 192167 marks by using the ASRock Z97 OC Formula. A few days later, the 3DMark2001 SE World Record was broken again with 192323 marks by Russian Overclocker Smoke also using ASRock Z97 OC Formula!

3DMark2001 SE Record-breaker Smoke with ASRock Z97 OC Formula

As the global leading motherboard brand, ASRock continues bringing the finest and top quality motherboards to the market. Among the 3 major motherboard series: Extreme Series, OC Series & Gaming Series, the OC Series is definitely the best answer to your thirst of overclocking!