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February 1, 2013
Redwood is now the distributor of the full range of PROLiNK ® products

Redwood is now the distributor of the full range of PROLiNK® products Adds on PROLiNK® networking and LED products to the existing range

[Singapore, 1st Feb 2013]  Fida International (S) Pte Ltd, brand owner of PROLiNK®, has announced the appointment of  Redwood Ventures, Inc. (RVI) as a distributor of  the full range of PROLiNK® products including its core networking category and LED monitors.

The new appointment will allow Redwood to distribute the full range of PROLiNK® products including  the brand\\\'s  core networking products category and LED monitors.  Redwood will continue to distribute UPS products and peripherals by PROLiNK®.

Redwood  has proven to be a  good partner for PROLiNK® as they  have a dedicated team with good work ethics that covers the consumer and corporate market segments. They also possess  the  relevant expertise  in distributing components and peripherals.  Their business direction complements that of PROLiNK, and we  definitely look forward to seeing PROLiNK® grow from  strength  to  strength  with their  support  in the coming years Senior Business Development Manager of Fida International, Mr Samuel Han, noted.

PROLiNK is a well-established Singapore brand and  is  known for its quality IT products throughout Asia, Africa  and the Middle East.  With 22  years  of expertise in the information technology sector, PROLiNK currently has a full range of  IT products including data communications, networking, display, UPS and peripherals.

The brand prides itself on its ability to provide reliable products that cater closely to the actual needs of their customers, and its networking and data communications products have been well established in the Philippines market for many years. PROLiNK has been a hardware solutions  provider for  local  partners like Globe and PLDT, and also has established partnerships  with telecommunications companies like Etisalat, Smart  and  SriLanka Telecoms.

PROLiNK also carries quality LED monitors and its UPS models range from low 650VA Line Interactive  models to 80kVA Online versions.  All products are rigorously quality tested and trusted for use by many big corporations and government agencies. The brands Peripherals range is also extremely varied and designed to suit end users’ needs in terms of design, form and function.