Best Buy award by - Russia for our Galaxy Made GTX680 SOC, GTX680 GC and GTX670 GC

We have fully removed the cooling system of GTX670 EX OC, and now can finally study the PCB well. Luckily, it is not different from the one used in GTX 680 EX OC. Nothing has changed. The power system has not been modified either and uses a 5+2 scheme. All elements including memory chips and identical to ??the GTX680 EX OC too. That is really great that the younger model uses the same PCB as the elder representative of the family. This shows the high level of the company. Talking about GTX 680 LTD OC with custom overclocking. Now we are curious if the GPU will allow further overclocking since the shown clock rate is high from the start. And the GPU manages our modifications well! The final stable clock rate is 1215 MHz or at minimum 1280 MHz with auto overclocking. To be honest, the clock rate rarely went below 1330 MHz during our tests. This is an excellent result, and now consider the fact that the video memory was overclocked from 6000 to 7200 MHz too!